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    Emotions propel all of human life, yet few people take the time to understand their power. In this fascinating work, a psychiatrist explores the passions that drive us: pride, fear, loneliness, love, and more.



    It has forever been said that we are ruled by our emotions, but this today is truer than ever. Much more than reason or tradition, it is our emotions that determine our choice of profession, partner, and politics, and our relation to money, sex, and religion. Nothing can make us feel more alive, or more human, than our emotions, or hurt us more. Yet, astonishingly, the emotions are utterly neglected in our schools and universities and broader society, leading to millions of mis-lived lives.

    This book proposes to redress the balance, exploring over 25 emotions and drawing some powerful and astonishing conclusions along the way. Areas covered include: loneliness, humiliation, envy, greed, ambition, anger, forgiveness, empathy, love, self-esteem, and many more.

    How can we turn boredom inside out? How can nostalgia help us? When is anger justified? What do all instances of love have in common? What is the secret to self-esteem? Get your copy now to find out.




    1. Boredom
    2. Loneliness
    3. Laziness
    4. Embarrassment, Shame, and Guilt
    5. Pride
    6. Snobbery
    7. Humiliation
    8. Humility
    9. Gratitude
    10. Envy
    11. Greed
    12. Desire
    13. Hope
    14. Nostalgia
    15. Ambition
    16. Anger
    17. Patience
    18. Trust
    19. Forgiveness
    20. Empathy
    21. Love
    22. Kissing
    23. Laughter
    24. Self-esteem
    25. Wonder
    26. Ecstasy